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Storm Coming Jan. 9 & 10

From Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management: Heavy rain is expected countywide Monday, January 9 through Tuesday, January 10, 2023. The heaviest rainfall is expected in south Santa Barbara County including the Alisal, Cave, and Thomas Fire areas.

Damaging winds could blow down large objects such as trees and outdoor furniture. Unplanned power outages are possible. Beaches, Bluffs and the Harbor area may be impacted by dangerous surf, winds and flooding.

Current forecasts indicate this storm may cause significant flooding countywide. If you are concerned that this storm may cause unsafe conditions to your home, leave the area before rain starts. Do not wait for an official evacuation notification to leave.

Residents should remain vigilant as conditions can change quickly. Residents are encouraged to:

  • MONITOR the weather
  • PLAN on how to get out and where you might go
  • PREPARE and PROTECT your home

During Rain:

  • If you feel unsafe during the rainfall, shelter in place in your home by gathering your family and pets in the inner most room of your house, preferably on the top floor if you live in a multi-story home.
  • Do not attempt to drive at night or while it is raining, as roads may be damaged or your car may be swept away by moving water or debris.

Public safety officials are keeping a close eye on the incoming storm and working with the National Weather Service. Officials will continue to work together to further assess if protective actions, such as an evacuation warning, evacuation order, or shelter in place are necessary.

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