Local Roadway Safety Plan

Local Roadway Safety Plan

We need your input on traffic safety in Carpinteria!

What is a Local Road Safety Plan?
A Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) is a safety planning process that uses a systematic data-driven analysis to proactively address local roadway safety needs, evaluating input from multiple key stakeholders. The LRSP will include stakeholder engagement that represent the 5 E’s of Traffic Safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Emergency Response, and Emerging Technologies.

Did you know?
According to the FHWA crash statistics, at least 40% of all vehicle fatalities in the US are on local roads! That is an alarming number, and surprisingly three-times higher than interstate systems. LRSPs provide targeted solutions in addressing the roadway safety needs within your community.

LRSP Development Process
FHWA Infrographic

Here’s how to get involved in the process:

  1. Interactive Project Map. Are there areas of concern that you feel need special attention? Let us know through the interactive map by January 31, 2022.
  2. Project Survey. Share your thoughts on safety issues within the city by taking a quick survey before January 31, 2022.

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