Sign Information

Sign Regulations

The Community Development Department is responsible for the approval of sign permits in compliance with the Sign Regulations of the Carpinteria Municipal Code. The primary function of regulating signage is to implement standards for signs in the City as necessary to promote the general welfare and public interests of the community, including consideration of public safety, consistency with the local Coastal Plan, General Plan, aesthetic compatibility, economic vitality and the prevention of false representation. Other than those specific signs described below, all signs, graphics, murals and the like, whether permanent or temporary, must be permitted by the Community Development Department. When a sign is installed without the necessary permit, the Code Compliance Division works to gain voluntary compliance. A fine may also be charged.

Sign Not Requiring a Permit

The following signs do not require a permit:

  1. Open, Closed, For Rent, Vacancy, No Vacancy, No Trespassing and Tow Away signs. One sign of not more than six square feet per legal parcel, located on private property.
  2. Political Campaign Signs, Open House and Garage Sale signs on private property, not to exceed six square feet, but shall be removed 24 hours following the event.
  3. Real Estate and Construction Signs denoting the architect, engineer or contractor, when placed upon the property for sale or work under construction, not collectively exceeding 16 square feet in area.
  4. Window Signs placed inside the window of a business, or painted on the window glass, not to exceed six square feet total and not to exceed two such signs at any one time.
  5. Temporary Balloon Displays.
  6. Banners not exceeding 30 square feet, five days (or portions thereof) per calendar month.
  7. Repainting of signs without a design change, replacement of damaged panels with identical panels, changing messages on an approved marquee or changeable copy sign, or cleaning of a sign, provided that no structural change is made in the sign.

Prohibited Signs

The following signs are prohibited throughout the City:

  1. Animated signs; a sign with real or simulated motion, whether by flashing lights, rotation, sequencing of images or movement of any parts of the sign. 2. Open and/or unshielded light bulb signs.
  2. Roof signs, or any signs extending above the primary roof line or roof eave, unless no other location exists on the site for proper identification.
  3. Off-premises signs; any sign located on a different legal parcel.
  4. Mobile signs; any sign placed on vehicles in such a way that the vehicle could not be safely driven with the sign in place.

Permit Requirements

A sign application may be obtained from the Community Development Department and the following information if required:

  1. Site plan drawn to scale, showing existing building, dimensions, property lines, streets, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping areas and location of existing and proposed signs.
  2. Scale drawings of proposed signs indicating dimensions, lettering style, colors, materials construction details and electrical specifications.
  3. For wall mounted and hanging signs, scaled elevation drawings of the full face of the building showing size and locations of proposed and existing signs.

Temporary Banners

A business may utilize promotional materials such as a banner or flag to advertise a special sale, new service of goods sold or grand opening, beyond the five days or portions thereof per month. A banner permit application must be submitted with the fee of $30. Only one banner at a time, no larger than 30 square feet, for no longer than 30 consecutive days. Four banners are permitted per year.

If you have a questions about signage please contact the Community Development Department at (805) 684-5405, extension 451 or come visit City Hall at 5775 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013, FAX: (805) 684-5304. City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.