Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a leash law in Carpinteria?

Yes, all dogs are required to be leashed within City limits, including all parks, beaches and the Bluffs Preserve. Dogs are prohibited on the City beach between Linden Avenue and Ash Avenue year-round and at the Seal Rookery near Casitas Pier from December 1 through May 31.

2. What if I find a stray or lost dog?

Contact Animal Care and Control within 24 hours at (805) 755-4418 or 755-4413 and deliver to or make the animal available for pick-up. Staff will post flyers of the dog in the area where it was found and uses craigslist to help find the dog owner.

3. What if my dog gets out or runs away?

Call Animal Care and Control to report your dog missing. Posting flyers of the dog in the area where it was lost may also help return the animal along with posting on craigslist or a social media site. You can also call the Santa Barbara Humane Society Lost and Found Animal Hotline at (805) 564-6862 to report your pet lost. Impounded dogs are held at City Hall or at local veterinarian offices. Impound fees are $74 for the first release, $115 for the second release and $195 for the third release. A licensed dog is easily returned to its owner!

4. What happens if my dog bites a person or if I am the victim of an animal bite?

Immediately contact Animal Care and Control to file a bite report; the dog may be required to be quarantined for ten days.

5. What if I see a dangerous or vicious dog?

Animals displaying this type of behavior should be immediately reported to Animal Care and Control. The Food and Agricultural Codes give staff several tools to use to protect the community.

6. What if I have an unwanted stray cat in my neighborhood?

Domesticated cats often roam and live at several households where they are fed. The City does not trap healthy “community cats” because although they are out and about, they generally belong to somebody.

7. What if I have a feral cat in my neighborhood?

Feral cats commonly live outdoors and avoid human contact. The City supports a “Trap, Neuter, Return” policy for ferals. Please report any feral cats to Animal Care and Control. If the cat has a notch on its ear, it has already been spayed/neutered.

8. Do you handle raccoon and opossum calls?

No, these animals are regulated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and are best left undisturbed. If a raccoon or opossum is living or trapped under your home, you may have to call a pest company for removal. If the animal is dead, it can be disposed of in a plastic bag and placed in your refuse container.

9. Who should I contact if I have a bee swarm or other bee related issue in my neighborhood?

You can call the Mosquito and Vector Management District (MVMD) of Santa Barbara County at 805-969-5050 or email  Or, click here for a list of bee keepers.