Watershed Management Program

The Watershed Management Program oversees implementation of the Phase II Municipally Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. This program includes education programs and polluted water investigations, as well as construction project management and development review as it relates to surface water quality.

Activities include public outreach and education of water quality; tracking of illegal discharges of materials into the storm drain system and local waterways; water quality testing at storm drain inlets or discharge areas; implementation and enforcement of best management practices (BMPs) for development, redevelopment, and City operations; regional coordination; and the overall stewardship of local watersheds by regulating storm water runoff into creeks and the Carpinteria Salt Marsh.

Pollution Prevention and Response

The City of Carpinteria takes an active role in preventing pollution and responding to reports of pollution and spills. There are many types of spills or discharges that cause pollution and can create an environmental health hazard. If a spill is suspected to be hazardous waste, call 911. For non hazardous materials, reports can be filed online (fastest response) or by calling 805-880-3415.

Help us address polluted spills or discharges quickly!

The City strives to provide appropriately trained staff to reports of pollution as quickly as possible.  When reporting a spill or pollution, providing key information can help get the right staff to the scene.

Where?  Provide a complete address (if possible) and describe the location (The location of the spill could be ‘in the street’ or ‘on the road shoulder’ or ‘into a storm drain on the southbound side’). Photos are very helpful and allow us to more easily issue administrative citations.

When? Is the report for an actively occurring event or for something that has already taken place?

What? What do you know about the polluting materials? Please tell us if you know or suspect the material is hazardous and poses an immediate threat to health and safety.

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Educational Programs and Resources

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Integrated Pest Management

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