Entertainment License Program and Information

Provisions for Live Entertainment are addressed in Chapter 5.40, Live Entertainment, of the Carpinteria Municipal Code (CMC). All businesses wishing to host live entertainment, including but not limited to, live music, must apply for and obtain an annual Entertainment License from the City. Issuance of an Entertainment License is subject to review and approval by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District, and the City’s Community Development Department, and may be conditioned to limit or restrict the manner in which live entertainment may be conducted (e.g., hours, noise, lighting, location, etc.). Licensees will be required to conduct permitted live entertainment activities in compliance with all Entertainment License conditions of approval. Failure to comply with said License conditions may be grounds for corrective action, up to and including suspension or revocation of the Entertainment License.

License Information

For questions, please contact the Community Development Department.

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