Parking Regulations

The City of Carpinteria is responsible for regulation and enforcement of parking laws pursuant to the California Vehicle Code and the Carpinteria Municipal Code. The primary function of parking enforcement is to regulate parking throughout the City, to assure that parking spaces are available to the public, and to educate the public about parking laws.

The City of Carpinteria contracts with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, who in turn contracts with Duncan Solutions to process all parking tickets. Once a ticket has been issued, City staff cannot intervene in the ticketing process.

Common Questions

1. How do I contest my parking ticket?

Please refer to the backside of your parking ticket for instructions related to contesting a parking ticket.

2. How do I pay a parking ticket?

Payment can be made by check, money order, cashier’s check, Visa, Mastercard or online at Do not send cash. Payments CANNOT be paid at City Hall.

Mail your ticket fine amount or contested information to:

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office
c/o Parking Citation Service Center
P.O. Box 11923
Santa Ana, CA 92711

3. I lost my parking ticket, how can I retrieve the ticket information?

If you lost, misplaced or are unable to clearly read the ticket you will need to call (888) 611-9745 to obtain ticket information.

3. How long can I leave my vehicle parked on the street?

There is a seventy-two hour time limit for parked vehicles. Leaving a vehicle on the street for more than 72 hours without moving it more than 1/10th mile can result in a ticket or towing of the vehicle.

4. What is “T” parking?

In order to maximize City street parking for vehicles, “Ts” are painted on the street to regulate the space for a passenger vehicle to park. Parking outside of the “T” will result in a parking ticket.

5. Where can commercial vehicles park?

Commercial vehicles can park for 30 minutes while actively loading or unloading in all posted loading zones, 30 minutes in an alley, 30 minutes in a “No Parking Zone” and are allowed on City streets in general, while actively loading or unloading. They are also allowed to double park.

6. Can vehicles be repaired in the open or on the streets?

No, all vehicle repair must take place in the garage. This includes changing oil or other fluids in the car and applies to both residential and commercial properties.

7. Can I park my vehicles in the front yard?

No, the parking of trailers, campers, or other similar motor vehicles or boats in the front yard is prohibited (except on an emergency basis, not to exceed a period of 48 hours within any consecutive thirty-day period).

8. What is the Vehicle Abatement Program (VAP)?

Carpinteria Municipal Code prohibits the storage of inoperative, wrecked, dismantled or unused vehicles parked outside of the garage or on the front yard. Vehicles in this condition are considered a public nuisance and are required to be removed or repaired to an operable condition.

9. How can I report a parking issue?

You can report parking or other concerns online on this website or by calling (805) 755-4418 M-F, 8am-5pm or (805) 755-4413 Sat./Sun., 8am-5pm.

The parking regulations of the Carpinteria Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code are enforced by the Community Development Department, Code Compliance Division and the Sheriff’s Department. Vehicles and Traffic regulations can be researched by clicking here to view the City’s Municipal Code and selecting Chapter 10 Vehicles and Traffic.