Web Site Accessibility Policy

The City of Carpinteria maintains a web site that provides a variety of information including a listing of City departments, various meeting agendas, City directory, area information, City newsletter, business information, the City budget, etc.

It is the policy of the City of Carpinteria that its’ web page content is accessible to provide for effective communication to persons with disabilities. The City of Carpinteria is committed to:

  • Providing a web site that has a standard page layout and navigation method
  • Providing forms that are accessible to assistive technology
  • Use of standard web format (standard HTML)
  • Avoiding over-use of blinking, flickering, or moving content
  • Ensuring that the functionality of scripts is keyboard accessible and, if not, providing an alternative
  • Providing methods for skipping over navigation links to get to the main content of a page
  • Ensuring that all information conveyed with color is also conveyed in the absence of color
  • Use of descriptive hyperlinks for internal navigation.
  • Ensuring new pages improve accessibility
  • Ensure the site functions in all the major browsers and operating systems

The above items do not necessarily reflect all of the features of the City’s web site that provide for accessibility and may change, from time to time, as needed.