Seal Watch Information

Carpinteria is home to a Harbor Seal Rookery. SEALWATCH volunteers monitor the rookery to inform the public about the seals and laws that protect them. Volunteers also collect data about seal behavior and seal disturbances.

  • The Seal Rookery beach area is closed between December 1 and May 31, of each year, to protect pregnant mothers and pups from disturbances.
  • The closure area is located 750’ to the east and west of the Casitas Pier, pursuant to Municipal Code 12.24.090.

Disturbing seals are prohibited by the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, which can impose a fine up to $10,000 and or one year in prison.

What to do if you see a seal or seal pup on the beach?

Do not touch the animal.
Seals are protected by the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act that restricts handling to only licensed persons.

Stay a good distance away from the animal so as not to frighten it.
Caution other beach goers to do the same. Ask dog owners to remove their pets from the beach.

Seal pups are often left on the beach while their mothers feed.
Stay far away and help to prevent others from disturbing the pup. If you approach the pup you may prevent the mother from returning. Do not walk between the water and the pup.

Call one of the numbers listed on this page to make a report or ask for further information.

Information and Emergency Contacts

SEALWATCH (805) 684-2247

Marine Mammal Hotline (805) 687-3255

State Beach (805) 684-2811

Non Emergencies (805) 683-2724

City of Carpinteria (805) 684-5405

In Case of Emergency
DIAL 9-1-1