Downtown “T” Business Advisory Board

The Parking and Business Improvement Area (PBIA) Assessment District No. 4 was formed under the authority of the Parking and Business Improvement Area Law of 1979.  The District has subsequently been continued pursuant to the Parking and Business Improvement Area Law of 1989 and appropriate Ordinances and Resolutions adopted by the City Council.

The boundaries of the District include the the Downtown “T” –  areas adjacent to Linden Avenue from the Railroad to Carpinteria Avenue and from Holly Avenue to Palm Avenue.  All businesses located within the District boundary are subject to the general business assessment.

The Downtown “T” Business Advisory Board is responsible for promoting the economic growth and stability of the District  and recommending the basis and levying of the general business assessment and use of funds collected by the District.  The Board is comprised of seven members (four assessment paying members and three at-large members) in addition to three alternate members.

Meeting Schedule

The Board meets at 8:30 am on the first Thursday of every month.  Meetings are open to the public.

January 6, 2022

February 3, 2022

March 3, 2022

April 7, 2022

May 5, 2022

June 2, 2022

July 7, 2022

August 4, 2022

September 1, 2022

October 6, 2022

November 3, 2022

December 1, 2022