Dog Bites and Potentially Dangerous Animals


What happens if my dog bites a person or if I am the victim of an animal bite?
Immediately contact staff because dogs are required to be quarantined at your home or at the shelter, and observed for rabies.


What do I do if I see a dangerous or vicious dog?
Animals displaying this type of behavior can immediately be reported to Animal Care and Control. The Food and Agricultural codes give staff several options to protect the community. In severe cases where the animal bites a person or causes severe injury, a hearing must be held to determine how to best protect the public.

Do you handle raccoon and opossum calls?

Raccoons, opossums, rats and bats, are animals that are best handled by a Pest Company listed in the yellow pages for removal from your home. Animal Care and Control does not respond to these animals trapped in your home, under your home or in attics.