Carpinteria Community Library

Carpinteria Community Library Advisory Commission

Carpinteria Community Library

The Carpinteria Community Library Advisory Commission (“Commission”) shall be composed of five Members representative of the Library service area with an option to expand as needed. Members will be appointed to two-year terms. All Members of the Commission shall be appointed through nomination by the President of the Library Board of Trustees (“Board”) and consent of the Board, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Commission shall invite liaison representatives from the Friends of the Montecito Library, Friends of the Carpinteria Library, and a representative from the office of the County Board of Supervisors First District to attend regular meetings.

The Library Board President and Board shall also, through its nomination and appointment process, seek to ensure a Commission that is representative of the Library service area population demographic; library user groups, including underrepresented user groups; and person(s) knowledgeable in library management and operations.

The Commission is intended to be a conduit between the community, Board, and the City Librarian, to provide advice and feedback. The Commission will review programs and services and make necessary recommendations as they pertain to the provision of these programs and services with the goals of increasing citizen participation and helping to develop consensus for recommendations to the Board.

The Commission shall appoint, following nomination and approval, a Chair and Vice-Chair of the Commission. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be so appointed at the first Commission meeting following the start of each new two-year term. The City Librarian, or their designee, shall serve as the staff liaison to the Commission.

Three Members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum. A quorum shall be determined consistent with the Carpinteria Municipal Code (CMC) provisions for City Council meetings. Quorum minimums shall be expanded consistent with the CMC should the Commission’s membership be expanded.

  1. The Commission shall schedule and hold meetings as needed, with a goal of holding a minimum of one regular Commission meeting each month. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Director, as long as appropriate notice is given. If a holiday falls on a normal meeting date, the meeting will be held on the same day the following week or at the discretion of the Director. Dates, times, and locations of meetings shall be posted in the usual manner in accordance with the Brown Act.
  2. Compensation for commissioners shall be $30. per monthly meeting.

Duties and Responsibilities.

The Commission shall have the duties and responsibilities specified below, acting in an advisory capacity to the Board and City Librarian in matters pertaining to the management, administration, operation, development, improvement and maintenance of the Library, including but not limited to:

  1. Assigning recommendation to the Board and City Librarian about the Library’s vision, mission and values;
  2. Participating in short- and long-range Library strategic planning, as well as setting goals and objectives;
  3. Developing a recommendation to the Board about policies and procedures necessary to provide Library services;
  4. Making recommendations on the delivery of high-quality Library programs, facilities and equipment, activities, services and policies;
  5. Submitting an annual report on the condition of the Library for consideration by the Board and transmittal to the State Library Board on or before August 31 of each year, pursuant to Education Code 18927;
  6. Receiving input from service area residents, key partners (such as Friends of the Library), and stakeholders concerning the Library and making recommendations on these as needed;
  7. Engaging the community in public outreach about Library programs and services;
  8. Ensuring that Library programs and services are provided in an equitable manner through working cooperatively with the City Librarian and Board;
  9. Providing guidance on fundraising efforts and grants sought by the City Librarian on behalf of the Library;
  10. Reviewing the budget in order to make recommendations to the Board;
  11. Assisting in succession planning for new Commission members by identifying and motivating others to apply and serve when openings occur; and
  12. Performing such other duties as may be requested from time to time by the Board, or as may be required by law.