Parking Tips

The City of Carpinteria manages public parking on streets and in lots in the Downtown and Beach area and as a part of most City parks. As one of only a few California beach communities with free public parking, the City’s limited parking resources are managed carefully for maximum benefit to the public. Here are a few tips for using public parking in the Downtown and Beach areas of Carpinteria:

  • Please take time to note any posted parking time limits for Downtown and Beach area parking lots and streets and abide by them to avoid receiving a parking ticket.
  • Please note where parking spaces are marked on streets and parking lots. Vehicles must park within the marked spaces. Parking a vehicle outside a marked space or over multiple spaces is a violation that could result in the issuance of a parking citation.
  • Overnight camping in vehicles on public streets or parking lots is prohibited.
  • Parking lots at City parks are open from sunrise to sunset.
  • It’s public! No public parking spaces, including those along public streets, may be reserved for any private vehicle by virtue of blocking the spaces with cones or by any other means.

Please drive safely and be attentive to pedestrians and bicyclists, and thank you for visiting Carpinteria!