Via Real Stormwater Project

The Via Real Stormwater Project is a flood mitigation project located between Bailard Avenue and Carpinteria Creek.

Project components include new storm drain infrastructure along Poplar Street and upgrades to existing facilities along Via Real to mitigate flood hazards and improve water quality, while also providing some groundwater recharge. The existing open channel at the end of Poplar Street will be removed and replaced with a bioretention basin, which will be planted with a California native plant palate. A new storm drain will be installed along Poplar Street and connect to the existing drainage facilities along Via Real. The existing open channel concrete v-ditch and open earthen channels along Via Real will be replaced with a series of bioswales designed to improve both water quality and aesthetics along the walkway. Existing storm drain inlets and outlets along Via Real will be upgraded, reducing flooding and improving access to the adjacent properties. The asphalt concrete sidewalk will be replaced with a new concrete sidewalk.


The Via Real Stormwater Project is funded through a variety of sources, including a federal grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and a state grant from the California Natural Resources Agency’s Urban Flood Protection Grant Program, as well as local Storm Drain Development Impact Fees.


Construction of this project will begin in Summer 2024. You can find the bid results at this link. For more information or to receive updates on the Via Real Stormwater Project contact, 805.880.3415.