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Educational Programs

The City of Carpinteria is a partner in the Our Water, Our World program, which offers safer, less toxic, alternatives to common pest and gardening problems. Visit Our Water Our World to find information on easy, non-toxic solutions to dealing with problems like ants, fleas, snails and slugs, and other household and garden pests. You can also find information about healthy gardens and find information on the safe use and disposal of pesticides.

LessIsMore.org is the County of Santa Barbara’s recycling and waste reduction website. This site is the ultimate waste reduction resource for residents of Santa Barbara County. You can use the search tool to look up a particular item that you’re not sure what to do with. Or peruse the website to learn more about hazardous waste, electronics recycling, home composting and much more.

Creek Week is an annual celebration of our creeks, watersheds, and the ocean to help build awareness and stewardship of the natural treasures of Santa Barbara County.

WaterWise provides information on sustainable, climate-appropriate, and drought tolerant plants, trees and grass that thrive in Santa Barbara County to help transform your landscape.

Water Resources in Santa Barbara County
Click here to explore videos on water supply updates, hydrology, Lake Cachuma time lapses, information about the State Water Project, rainfall information, and more.

Did you know that half of the water we use in the garden goes to waste? Whether it is a leaky pipe or a simple case of over watering, get back on track with our Landscape and Irrigation videos.

Video playlists for Tips on Landscape Design and Tips to Help You Save Water are also available.

Check out our Garden Wise TV Show to learn how to save water while creating gorgeous landscapes.

For over twenty years, our Green Gardener program has educated local gardeners in resource efficiency and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices. Watch classes in both English and Spanish.

From checking your water meter to fixing toilet issues or checking other home appliances, learn to be WaterWise indoors with these videos.

General Interest
Learn about The Water Cycle.

View videos from the winners for our High School Video Contest to see 30-second videos from local students on water education.

Still want more? View general interest and educational videos here.

For more information, visit: https://waterwisegardeningsb.org/

Help participate in keeping our community and waterways clean! Close the Poop Loop encourages residents to pick up after their pets and throw the waste away.

More resources:
Dog Owners Duty


Green Gardens Group provides free educational materials and workshops for transforming water and resource-guzzling gardens into beautiful climate appropriate landscapes. Learn more at https://www.greengardensgroup.com/