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Administrative Draft of the Conservation and Open Space Element to be discussed

The City’s General Plan Update Committee will hold a meeting on Monday, June 17 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 5775 Carpinteria Ave., and the public is welcome to attend and participate.

The committee will receive a presentation from City Staff and consultants focused on the Administrative Draft of the Conservation and Open Space Element.

Members of the public may participate by attending the meeting in-person, virtually via zoom, or by viewing the meeting live on our website or on Government Access TV. The agenda, at, includes detailed information on how to participate and how to submit public comment.

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NWS forecasts windy & hot conditions June 14-16

The National Weather Service (NWS) has forecast gusty winds and warming temperatures throughout Santa Barbara County this weekend (June 14-16). During this time strong winds in excess of 35 mph across the county are possible, especially along the county’s south coast. The forecast also includes a widespread increase in temperatures for both interior and coastal areas that are likely to make this the first hot weekend of the year. Hot and windy conditions greatly increase the risk for dangerous wildfires.

The warmest and windiest conditions are expected Saturday, June 15. Detailed weather forecasts are available at

Damaging winds could blow down large objects such as trees and outdoor furniture. Unplanned power outages are possible when it’s windy outside. Take caution when outdoors and when driving during gusty conditions. Avoid hazardous activities that may cause sparks or start a wildfire.

Here are some precautions and tips to stay cool when it’s hot outside:

  • Drink plenty of cool, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Take care of those who might not be aware of high temperature dangers or be able to react accordingly – especially the elderly, young children, and pets.
  • Limit outdoor activity.
  • For those who work outside, be sure to take frequent rest breaks in a shaded area or air-conditioned room, if possible.
  • Take regular breaks in the shade or in an air-conditioned room. A few hours in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler. Taking a cool shower or bath can help too.
  • If you do not have air‐conditioning, consider arranging to spend at least parts of the day at another space that is cool.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Know the signs of heat exhaustion. If someone becomes dizzy, nauseated, or sweats heavily, find a cooler location for him or her immediately.
  • Know the signs of heat stroke. Heat stroke is much more serious than heat exhaustion. The symptoms are similar to heat exhaustion, but also include hot, flushed skin.
  • Do not leave children (and pets) unattended in vehicles.
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City Council to hold Budget Study Session June 10

At the Carpinteria City Council’s next regular meeting, the Council will conduct a Budget Study Session and address an operating deficit in Fiscal Year 2024-2025. The meeting will take place on Monday, June 10 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 5775 Carpinteria Ave. This is an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about the budgeting process and various programs and priorities under consideration. Your participation is valuable as we work together to shape Carpinteria’s future.

Other highlights of the meeting include 1) proclamations recognizing June as Pride Month in Carpinteria and recognizing June 19 as “Juneteenth Independence Day, ” 2) a presentation by Our Neighborhood Voices, and 3) approval of Procurement Policy and Municipal Code Update

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting in person or view it live at, on Government Access Television Channel 21 or by logging into the Zoom webinar.

Additional details and numerous ways for the public to provide comments can be found at

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Turn your food waste into plant power!

We have FREE kitchen countertop pails for city households to help you separate food waste. These pails are easy to carry, empty and clean, and are designed for maximum odor control, so say goodbye to smelly trash!

*Remember, food waste should be bagged separately before putting into your yard waste bin.

Check out our website for more resources on how to build a compost bin, so that you can turn your food scraps into rich fertilizer. For more information, contact or stop by City Hall at 5775 Carpinteria Ave. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to pick up a pail!

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Summer Reading Program kicks off June 10

Carpinteria Community Library’s Summer Reading Program kicks off on Monday, June 10. The theme for the summer is “I Larv-A Good Book,” and one type of insect will be highlighted each week for 10 weeks. Each participant will get a “fieldbook” to keep track of their reading through the summer and qualify to win a weekly small prize.

Storyteller Elaine Muray will launch the summer programming with an engaging collection of stories about bugs on Monday, June 10 at 3:30 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Hall auditorium. All programs at the Library are offered at no cost to participants, and there is something for all ages.

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Friendly and outgoing? Volunteer as a HOST

The City is preparing for another summer with lots of visitors downtown shopping, eating and strolling. To ensure that visitors receive accurate information from friendly locals, we are looking for HOST volunteers to staff the Visitor Center at Seal Plaza in the 800 block of Linden Avenue through Labor Day.

Visitor Center hours are Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Knowledgeable volunteers offer free maps, brochures and advice on local points of interest, as well as shopping, restaurants and places to stay.

The HOST Committee will hold its next in-person sign up event and training on Thursday, June 6 at 5:30 p.m. at Carpinteria City Hall, 5775 Carpinteria Ave. Subsequent sign up dates will be July 2 and Aug. 8. Learn more by emailing Olivia at or calling (805) 755-4401.

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Volunteers needed for Senior Nutrition Program 

In order to offer NO COST lunches to local seniors five days a week, the Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens needs additional volunteers who are willing to help. Anyone who is ready to roll up their sleeves in pitch in at the Carpinteria Veterans Hall, 941 Walnut Ave., between approximately 11:45 a.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays should contact Angela Paez either by email at or by phone at (805) 284-8000. Volunteers will set up tables and chairs, meet and greet seniors arriving for lunch, serve lunch, and clean up when the meal is over. The program is an excellent way to give back to your community and pay it forward!

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Movie premiere scheduled for Alcazar, June 6

This week, the Alcazar Theatre will host the premiere of “Twice Lost,” an independent featurette that explores guilt, betrayal and hope. The screening will take place on Thursday, June 6 at 7 p.m. at the Alcazar Theatre, 4916 Carpinteria Ave. Following the film, a panel made up of the filmmakers and cast members will discuss important themes of the film, including relationships and mental health. Sponsored by the City of Carpinteria, the screening is free. Reserve your seat in advance at

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Quick guide to recycling

Unsure which plastics are recyclable? Check their resin code!

On most plastic products, you will find the recycling symbol and within the symbol, there is a number ranging from 1 to 7. Although manufacturers use the recycling symbol, not all plastics are recyclable due to current markets and what region you are located in. Remember: everything you recycle should be dry and free of any food residue. To minimize plastic waste, switch to reusables or look at the code before purchasing to ensure recyclabili

This guide is based on City of Carpinteria’s 2024 available program and subject to change in the future. We appreciate everything you are doing to help keep the planet clean! If you have any questions, please contact the Sustainability Division at