City Clerk

The Clerk’s Office performs a variety of legal and administrative duties/responsibilities. The City Clerk is responsible for the preparation of the City Council meeting agendas, minutes, legal publications and for processing resolutions and ordinances. The City Clerk acts as the official custodian of records for the City and is responsible for the City’s Records Management Program. The City Clerk is responsible for election activities and assists in the recruitment of members for various boards, commissions, and committees. The City Clerk acts as filing officer for the City Conflict of Interest Code and Fair Political Practices Commission Statements of Economic Interest, as well as election campaign reports for City Council and Council candidates. The City Clerk acts as service agent for the City regarding claims, subpoenas and summons; and provides access to public records and information.

City Council Agendas/Staff Reports/Minutes

Regular meetings of the City of Carpinteria City Council are held the second and fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 P.M. in the City’s Council Chambers, located at 5775 Carpinteria Avenue. Meetings are broadcast live on local GATV Channel 21 and rebroadcast on the following Wednesday at 8:00 P.M. and Saturday at 5:00 P.M.

City Boards/Commissions/Committees

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are kept on file to assist in filing an unscheduled vacancy or for the Bi-Annual Recruitment. All terms are 2 year terms and begin January 31 (odd year) and end January 30 (even year). Appointments are made by the City Mayor at a public meeting. The following is a list of Boards/Commissions/Committees.


Please print, complete, and return your application to the City Clerk’s Office, 5775 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013 or e-mail to

The Local Appointments List shows current appointees and their terms of appointment.

Municipal Code

The Municipal Code is a codification of all the applicable ordinances of the City of Carpinteria. The Muni Code is updated electronically in January of each year; therefore the Municipal Code in the link below may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the City. Please contact the City Clerk at (805) 755-4446, to verify.

General Election Information

General Municipal Elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November even years. Special Municipal Elections may be scheduled as a result of City Council action. General Municipal Elections are for the election of Councilmembers and for other purposes the City Council may prescribe. Councilmembers serve four-year terms of office. The terms are staggered so that two terms expire in 2020 and three terms expire in 2022.

November 3, 2020 General Municipal Election

Offices to be Elected

Two full-term seats on the City Council will be up for election as part of the November 3, 2020 General Municipal Election. The terms for these seats will end in November 2024.

Eligibility Requirements to Run for Elective Office

In order to be eligible to hold an elective office to the Carpinteria City Council, an individual must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • 18 years of age or older on Election Day
  • Registered to vote at an address within Carpinteria City

How to Run for Office

Every election starts with a “Nominating period.” This is the only period of time during which candidates can obtain and return the “nomination papers,” which are the forms necessary to run for office.

The nomination period begins 8 A.M. on July 13, 2020, and ends (deadline to file papers) 5 P.M. on August 7, 2020. If an incumbent does not file, the deadline is extended to August 12, 2020, 5:00 P.M.

The City Clerk will meet with each candidate individually to review information in the candidate nomination packet and to issue nomination papers. This orientation meeting typically takes one hour and is conducted by appointment.

To qualify, candidates must obtain no fewer than 20 signatures and no more than 30 signatures from voters registered in the City of Carpinteria.

There is a charge to have a candidate statement printed in the sample ballot. Payment is due at the time the nomination paper is filed. A candidate statement is optional.

For information on how to run a Candidate Campaign and what to do before, during and after an election, please refer to the Fair Political Practices Commission’s Candidate ToolKit for guidance and general overview of the rules for campaigns.

Please contact the City Clerk by phone at (805) 755-4446 or by email at to schedule your candidate orientation appointment.

Election Notices

Other Election Informational Resources

For additional information regarding elections or candidate campaign disclosure statements, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (805) 755-4446.