Smoking Regulations Update: Ordinance No. 778

Ordinance No. 778 text available here.

The City of Carpinteria has amended its smoking regulations, found in Carpinteria Municipal Code (CMC) Chapter 8.52. Ordinance No. 778 updates Chapter 8.52 to, among other things:

  • Prohibit smoking in multi-unit housing, including inside individual units and in common areas. The effective date for multi-unit housing is July 1, 2025. Mobilehome parks are excluded from the smoking prohibition.
  • Prohibit smoking in 100% of hotel and motel rooms, per Senate Bill 626 (effective January 1, 2024).
  • Update requirements for tobacco retail signage to align with state law.
  • Amend provisions related to tobacco retailer licensing fees, suspensions, and revocations.

The City Council reviewed a draft of Ordinance No. 778 at its March 11, 2024 meeting and provided feedback. The proposed Ordinance was approved on a first reading at the June 24, 2024 City Council meeting, and was adopted on second reading at the July 8, 2024 City Council meeting.

Input on Ordinance No. 778 has been provided by representatives from Future Leaders of America- Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County Public Health, and the Public Health Law Center.