City Manager

Dave Durflinger

Dave Durflinger
City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the City and for organizational efficiency and effectiveness, for the preparation and presentation of the municipal budget and keeping the City Council informed on other municipal financial matters, oversight of personnel matters and for the oversight of municipal facilities. The City Manager leads the management team and all City departments including Community Development, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Administrative Services, and General Government. The City Manager reports directly to the City Council.

Assistant City Manager

The Assistant City Manager works directly with the City Manager and is responsible for a variety of managerial and administrative functions including oversight of the City’s Economic Development activities, acts as staff liaison to the Mobile Home Park Rent Stabilization Board, provides miscellaneous grant writing, and manages various special projects.

City Clerk

The City Clerk is responsible for coordinating the City Council agenda process, recording the official proceedings of City Council meetings, and serves as official record keeper for the City. The department acts as secretary to the City Council; acts as filing officer for City Conflict of Interest Code and Fair Political Practices Commission Statements of Economic Interest; prepares and publishes all legal notices and assists in City Elections.

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness section provides information related to planning for and being prepared for an emergency, ongoing training and the emergency operations plan.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Administrator provides coordination of the recruitment, selection, training, and evaluation of employees within the City.

Staff Work Program

The City’s annual Work Program and Strategic Planning Session is a step in the ongoing process of implementing the Community’s defined values, vision and mission. lt is conducted with an understanding of the community and the context in which the City, as an organization, operates.