Graffiti Control and Abatement

Help Wipe Out Graffiti Vandalism

The City of Carpinteria is responsible for providing a program for the removal of graffiti from public and private property and has adopted regulations to help prevent graffiti vandalism in the City. Graffiti is a public nuisance on public or private property and results in blight, decreases property values and deprives residents of the right to the comfortable enjoyment of their neighborhoods.

When graffiti is immediately removed the graffiti vandal does not receive the recognition and exposure that is sought by the vandalism. Immediate removal of graffiti is the best deterrent to graffiti appearing on your property and will discourage the graffiti vandal.

Graffiti Control and Abatement regulations – Municipal Code Chapter 9.44.

DIAL 9-1-1

Sheriff Rewards Program (805) 684-4561

Report suspicious activity – Sheriff Dispatch (805) 683-2724

Notice to Abate Graffiti

If graffiti is observed on your property you will be notified by phone or by a “Notice to Abate”. After the Notice, if the graffiti is not removed within ten days the City may pursue legal remedies and penalties to obtain compliance. If necessary the costs of the graffiti removal will be charged to you. It is the City’s goal that graffiti be removed within 24-hours or less after it is first observed. Rapid response protects your property and contributes to our concerted efforts to prevent graffiti before it occurs.

Rewards Program

The City Council amended the Municipal Code in 2006 to enact a Graffiti Rewards Program. The program allows for a monetary reward if a person is caught, charged and convicted of graffiti vandalism.

Parental Liability

Parents of minors are personally liable for all graffiti removal costs caused by a minor in their custody or guardianship. A special assessment against private property can be made against a minor’s parents or guardians.

Sale and Possession of Graffiti Implements to Minors

Carpinteria Municipal Code prohibits any person from selling or giving any graffiti implement to a person who is under the age of eighteen years of age. Stores must place all items that can be used for graffiti in a viewable but not accessible area for the public.

Every retail store selling graffiti implements must post a sign in a conspicuous place stating: “Any person who maliciously defaces real or personal property with an aerosol spray paint container, marker pen, or other graffiti implement is guilty of vandalism which is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both.”

For questions regarding graffiti prevention and abatement or to ask about volunteer opportunities to help wipe out graffiti, contact the staff member(s) below.

David Hernandez, Code Compliance Supervisor
(805) 755-4418

Weekends/holidays please call (805) 755-4413 for assistance.