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Did you know? Your Christmas Tree is Recyclable!

As the holidays approach, the City of Carpinteria reminds residents to recycle their Christmas tree through their waste hauler. For two weeks after Christmas, EJ Harrison & Sons will pick up trees for recycling and will allow for twice the usual amount of residential customers’ trash at no extra cost.

To have your tree recycled, remove ornaments, hooks, lights, tinsel, bows, nails and the tree stand; cut the tree into 4-foot sections; and place it in your tan yard waste barrel on your scheduled pickup day. Flocked Christmas trees are accepted. Collected trees will be processed into various sizes of mulch used on local farmlands, orchards, and nurseries.

To have EJ Harrison pick up extra trash, place it in bags alongside your regular green trash barrel. Be sure to flatten all boxes and place them alongside your blue recycling barrel.