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State Parks Initiate Emergency Repair of Carpinteria Creek Bank

On Sunday, Jan. 15, California State Parks will begin emergency repair work on a portion of the Carpinteria Creek bank adjacent to the Carpinteria Sanitary District at the east end of 6th Street. The work, to be conducted under an Emergency Permit, involves placing approximately 10,000 cubic yards of 2 – 4 foot diameter rock to stabilize about 250 feet of creek bank and protect against further erosion. Significant erosion to the creek bank occurred during the storm of January 9-10, 2023. This condition puts the nearby wastewater treatment plant and other public infrastructure at risk, as well as buildings and improvements located along nearby sections of 6 th Street and Palm Avenue. Work is expected to take place from Jan. 15-17, and for safety,  there will be no parking on the 5000 block of 6th Street during the repair work. Read the full press release HERE.