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SB County Cancels Evacuation Orders

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with fire agencies and other public safety officials, has announced that as of 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, Evacuation Orders are canceled for most identified properties and parcels, including those in Carpinteria Valley.

An Evacuation Warning is still in place for identified properties on the 800 block of Pioneer St. in the City of Guadalupe. Residents should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.

Please be advised that areas affected by road closures or flooding may not be able to repopulate yet. While residents are allowed to return home, be aware of loose and falling rocks, minor landslides, wet road conditions, downed trees and power lines.

Public safety officials remain engaged and are actively assessing and responding to damages that occurred as a result of the storm. Residents in areas of concern in Sisquoc, Garey, Tepusquet and Foxen Canyon should remain vigilant for flooded roads and hazards.

Creek and river flows are expected to continue to increase through at least Wednesday, March 15. Remain vigilant, and do not wait to evacuate if you feel unsafe.  Do not pass through standing or running water. The water may be much deeper than it appears, and extremely dangerous. The evacuation shelter at Wake Center in Santa Barbara will close this evening.