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Flood Control to Begin Clearing Debris Basins, Making Shoreline Deposits

Santa Barbara County Flood Control (SBCFC) will be conducting critical clearing of the Carpinteria Valley Watershed Debris Basins in order to restore capacity and functionality. Rocks, gravel and sand will be transported to the Carpinteria City Beach where debris from the watershed would naturally flow without the benefit of the basin. While the debris basins help to reduce floods, they also intercept sediment important to maintaining the beach and protecting properties near it. This causes beach narrowing, shoreline erosion, and threats to public and private properties. Mineral sediments will be prioritized for shoreline deposits, and materials will be tested for contaminants before they are deposited. Under Emergency Permits, sediment will be hauled in truckloads. The City and County will work to mitigate project impacts, including air quality and truck queuing. Street sweepers will work throughout the operation to keep roadways as clean as possible. Please read more HERE.