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CCCE Enrollment: Electrical Billing Questions?

The City of Carpinteria recently joined Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) for the economic and environmental benefits that are derived from local control over our electricity needs. It has come to our attention, however, that there is some confusion about recent electrical bills received by Carpinterians. We want to help you understand what has changed and steer you to some important information and resources.

Currently, CCCE charges less for electric generation than SCE does – you can view the current rate comparison on SCE’s website here: SCE and CCCE Joint Rate Comparison Effective October 1 2021v1 (1).pdf. SCE recently raised their rates which include Transmission and Distribution charges. For those of you who are experiencing higher electricity costs, this is likely the cause. Additionally, winter months and spending more time than normal at home during the pandemic increase energy usage.

Specific to the conversation about rates, please remember that being enrolled with CCCE means SCE will no longer charge you for Electric Generation (how your electricity is generated), but SCE will continue charging you for Transmission and Distribution (how your electricity is delivered). CCCE is now in charge of how and where your electricity is generated, and you should see a line item for CCCE Electric Generation Charges on your bill a month or so after you are enrolled.

Last but not least, beyond rates and the cost of using electricity please keep in mind that CCCE customers have access to Energy Programs that assist households and businesses with the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy solutions. To date, since launching in 2018 CCCE has given customers access to more than $26 million in rebates and incentives for things like electric vehicles, charging stations, electric school buses, all-electric affordable housing projects, electric agricultural equipment, backup power supply resources, and more. CCCE is also on a path to source 100% clean and renewable energy for its customers by 2030 – 15 years ahead of the state’s goals.

Please consider attending an upcoming CCCE webinar or contacting CCCE Customer Support to learn more and have your questions answered. Webinars times and dates can be found at and City businesses and residents can call or email CCCE via 888-909-6227 or