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Vote for Carpinteria’s New Library Card Design

Be part of Carpinteria’s future by voting for the new library card for the July 2022 transition to a City-led library. Each of these designs was made by a local young artist in grade 6 – 12. To see the works in person, visit The Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center, 865 Linden Avenue, and vote any time by phone using the QR code, or by ballot during open hours (Friday-Sunday, noon to 4.) Or vote now at Voting ends Nov. 3, and the winner will be announced in the Coastal View News on Nov. 18.

Please see designs and read our semi-finalists’ artist statements below:

Blooming Book

I chose this design for the library card contest because I think it’s a great way to show how each book has its own bloom. I love every single book because they all have an amazing story, just by flipping some pages, or waiting for its “bloom.” I hope this card will show the Carpinterians who use this library card that each book blooms in its own way. Every book may not seem interesting at first because it hasn’t bloomed yet, but if you wait for that bloom you will realize how interesting and unique that book is.

Books of the Sea

I chose this art piece as my design to represent the beautiful beach and sunsets that we have in Carpinteria, as well as the books that the library provides for everyone. It means a lot to me. I have been going to the beach ever since I was a little girl, and since the first time my mom took me to the library here I loved coming, like many other kids. I hope that Carpinterians will see that the library is a nice place where kids can learn about stuff that they might have not known about, and that the beach is calming and you can read peacefully there.


I chose this artwork as the design for the library card because it’s really simple and colorful. This design to me just means how simple art can be and still turn out really nice. I’m hoping it reminds Carpinterians about the beautiful wildlife we have here in Carpinteria.

Carpinteria Dream

How lucky are we to live in Carpinteria? It’s a beautiful town with a happy and supportive community! My library card represents some of the most famous parts of Carpinteria, the local agriculture, view of the Channel Islands, and all the amazing places to read a book! I hope my library card reminds people of Carpinteria’s homegrown charm.


I made my Carpinteria library card artwork with flowers because I’ve always loved flowers and I think that they make people happy. These represent the flowers that are outside of the library. The flowers around Carpinteria have always been one of the best features, and they give our town color.

Reading is Magic

I chose this design because books are very magical. I put the girl in a tent at the beach because I think that the beach represents Carpinteria, which has the Safest Beach. I made her reading a book because I feel that books represent the library.

Reading is Juicy-licious

I have dyslexia and reading is very challenging for me, and this artwork reminds all of us that Reading can be or is Juicy-Licious to all.

Relaxing Day at the Park

I chose to submit this artwork for the library card because I wished to convey the joy I feel when reading a book. When I open a new book, a new story is unraveling with every word I read. To me, this artwork is symbolizing a new beginning. I hope Carpinterians will see how relaxing and enjoyable reading is when they see this artwork.

Ride into a Good Book

I made this design because we live so close to the ocean. I love the ocean and like to surf. It’s also nice to read a good book at the beach. When I turn the pages of a book it looks like a wave.

Trust in Reading

I drew this picture because I love to read, and I hope others do too. Good books are like a great friendship, they stay with you. I hope others get the same joy from reading as I do.