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Council Approves Fiscal Year 2021/22 City Budget


At its June 14 meeting, the Carpinteria City Council unanimously voted to approve the budget for fiscal year 2021/22. Funding for all existing projects, programs and services that are provided and planned for by the City is included in the $26 million budget.

The 2021/22 budget reflects ongoing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, though these are projected to be far less significant than in 2020/21. Expenditures increased in 2020/21 in order for the City to provide support to local businesses and providers of public health and wellness services during the pandemic. Meanwhile, key revenues decreased in 2020/21, including sales tax and transient occupancy taxes (lodging taxes). In the 2021/22 fiscal year, which begins on July 1, these revenues are expected to improve but remain lower than pre-pandemic rates.

The 2021/22 budget prioritizes restoring financial reserves and staffing, which were drawn down and frozen during the pandemic, and investing strategically in projects, programs and services that will further strengthen our community safety net ahead of any future disasters. These strategic investments include, in part, the new Library, Racial Equity & Social Justice program, and providing financial support to local agencies providing enhanced Health & Human Services programming in Carpinteria. The adopted fiscal year 2021/22 budget is available at