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April 7-15 is National Library Week!

The City of Carpinteria is proud to declare April 7-13, 2024 as National Library Week. We encourage all residents to visit the Carpinteria Community Library at 5141 Carpinteria Ave. and discover the vast resources it offers.

The library continuously adapts to serve the community’s evolving needs, providing diverse collections, programs and partnerships. Our dedicated librarians strive to ensure everyone has access to information and opportunities. They cater to people of color, immigrants, individuals with disabilities and those most vulnerable.

The library fosters lifelong learning, allowing residents to pursue their passions and reach their full potential. Beyond books, it plays a vital role in Carpinteria’s economic well-being by providing internet access, job search assistance, and educational resources.

As a welcoming and inclusive space, the Carpinteria Community Library strengthens our community by promoting connection, knowledge and shared goals.