2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

The 2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project’s general scope of work includes pavement rehabilitation, pedestrian facility upgrades (e.g. curb ramps and sidewalks) as needed for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and drainage improvements. On January 10, 2020, the City Public Facility Site Acquisition/Development Committee reviewed information derived through the City’s pavement management system and options for prioritizing pavement maintenance. The Committee recommended a street selection list as shown below.

Public Workshop (Virtual)

This public workshop was held on February 24, 2021 and the recording is available to watch by CLICKING HERE!

The Workshop presentation slides are available here.


Recommended Street Selection List

Street Name Begin Limit End Limit
Fourth Street Holly Avenue End of Holly Avenue
Third Street Linden Avenue Ash Avenue
Calle Ocho Concha Loma Drive South end of Calle Ocho
Calle Ocho Concha Loma Drive North end of Calle Ocho
Elm Lane Sawyer Avenue Carpinteria Avenue
Eighth Street Palm Avenue Walnut Avenue
Holly Avenue Seventh Street Fifth Street

On March 23, 2020, the City Council approved the street selection list.

Sustainable Pavement

The project will also incorporate a sustainable pavement method called full depth reclamation (FDR). The FDR method is a recycling method where all of the existing asphalt concrete pavement section and predetermined amount of underlying materials are recycled and treated in place to produce a stabilized aggregate base course. Overall, the FDR method lowers greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of trucks used to export and import pavement materials.

Project Schedule

Due to the current pandemic, the project schedule was delayed since initially estimated in March 2020. The revised estimated project schedule is as follows:

Design                                   August 2020 through March 2021

Advertise for Bids                April 2021

Open Bids                             May 2021

Award Contract                    June 2021

Construction                         July 2021 through November 2021

Preliminary Plans

Preliminary Plans

For questions about the 2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, please contact johni@ci.carpinteria.ca.us.